Social Media Management

Social Media Management Oxford

Let us take away the burden of managing your social media.

Managing social media can be time consuming and managing it well, can be even more time consuming! That’s where we come in! Following a comprehensive and robust social media strategy, we can take on the on-going management of your social media platforms. We will craft social media content, focussed on your social media goals and your target audience. This will organically grow your followers and your engagement. Each month we will deliver reports giving clarity on the success or your social media platforms. We will help get your social media presence where it should be, working alongside your other marketing activities and delivering results.

Here we answer some FAQ’s on social media.

  • Which social media platforms should my business be on?
    This really depends on your target audience! There is little point spending time posting on a social media platform, if that is not the platform your ideal customer is on.
  • How often do I have to post on social media?
    This is a good question, and it tends to vary platform to platform. Ideally, you should post every day but more importantly, don’t post for the sake of posting. Content should be engaging and what your followers want to see. This is not a numbers game, it is all about engagement.
  • Do I need to use hashtags?
    If you want your content to be seen by those who don’t follow you (which is almost always the case) then yes! Especially on Twitter and Instagram. The other platforms do allow for hashtags but Twitter and Instagram are most prevalent. The key is to use hashtags that are relevant to your post and that people are actually searching.
  • Should I use capital letters in my hashtags?
    You will not find a conclusive answer to this, but in our opinion, for ease of reading, yes! It is much easier to consume when broken with capital letters and it also avoids any embarrassing mis-reading (Susan Boyle album party hashtag fail comes to mind, but we will leave you to Google that in your own time!)

There are extensive social media platforms, the ones we specialise in are Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.