Freelance Marketing Consultant in Oxfordshire

Freelance Marketing Support in Oxford

Freelance Marketing Consultant in Oxford

Not all businesses have the budget, or need, for a full-time marketing person. That is where a freelance marketing consultant can help! We can offer both retained marketing support and ad-hoc marketing support for small and medium sized businesses.  

Whether you need help with a specific campaign, or you just need a few hours of marketing support a week or month, we can help you.

We will become an extension of your team driving your marketing strategy forward focussed on your business and marketing goals.

Here we answer some FAQ’s:

  • What type of business can benefit from a freelance marketing consultant?
    There is no specific business type who can benefit from our services. Really it is right for any business who does not have the need, or budget for an experienced full time marketing person. We have worked with 1 man bands, to much larger companies with multiple offices.
  • How much time will my business need from you?
    Well that fully depends on the size of the project. It can range from a few hours a day, to a few hours a week. We would recommend at least half a day a week.
  • What services does a freelance marketing consultant offer?
    We offer ad hoc support which would usually cover a specific campaign. Alternatively, we offer support to help drive a marketing strategy forward. We also offer other services which can be found here.
  • How can I guarantee you will have availability?
    If you take ‘retained’ marketing support, this means I will block out that time for you. This allows you to chose how you use that time, and means I will never have to turn your work away.

Retained marketing support: £35 per hour
Ad-hoc support: £50 per hour