Creating a marketing strategy

Oxford Marketing Strategy

Strategy is the key to success in marketing, so let us help you succeed.

Why do you need a marketing strategy? Well, the answer to this is simple, without strategy, there is no way to measure the success of your marketing. Therefore, if you are looking to drive your business forward, using marketing tactics that are focussed on your target audience, you need a solid marketing strategy. You will gain clarity into your business goals, your target audience and your brand voice and story.

Due to social media being such a big part of the marketing mix for most businesses, our strategy document also includes a social media audit and social strategy which means you will be getting 2 strategies, for the price of one!

You will come away with a comprehensive document that will outline the following:

  • Established business and marketing goals
  • Clear understanding of your target market
  • Identified marketing opportunities through a SWOT analysis
  • Assessment of potential marketing channels
  • Google ranking analysis
  • Social media overview
  • Social media goals
  • Competitive analysis of social media
  • Brand voice and tone establishment
  • Social media content strategy

Firstly, we will arrange a meeting with you to sit down and really get to know the business. Armed with questions, we hope the session will enable you really think about your business in a much more strategic way. Following this session, we will then go away and spend time getting to know your company, industry and competitors so we can create a comprehensive document that you will be able to start implementing right away.

A marketing strategy is an absolute must for any business who wants to take their marketing seriously.