Strategic Planning


Strategic planning is the key to success when it comes to marketing. Virtually All There will sit down with you, discuss your objectives and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy for you. This can be either an annual strategy or a strategy specifically for a project. And the best thing about a virtual marketing assistant is our marketing support can be as flexible as required and we always work to budgets.

Social Media set up/management

Social Media is daunting, even for those who use it in their day to day life. Being social in business is very different and needs to be managed appropriately. Let Virtually All There do the set up and/or management of your social media accounts. We will carry out an audit of any existing accounts and ensure that they are managed efficiently going forward by producing a strategy in order to achieve your set objectives. This is our most popular area of marketing support for our clients.


Website copy and copy editing

Websites are full of typos, errors and misleading or out of date information. 'Content is King', and it doesn't give your customers a good impression if your website is out of date. Let Virtually All There take this off your hands and manage it for you. From full web copy editing to uploading regular small changes, we can help make your website look the best it can. We really do offer all aspect of marketing support, it doesn't matter how little the job seems.

Email marketing

E-marketing can be a great way to get a single bit of information out to your customers, or indeed, potential customers.
Virtually All There can design and build email campaigns for you and provide you with an in-depth report at the end of it, so you can understand how successful your campaign was.

Competitor Analysis

Competition comes and goes, and it is important to be aware of what is happening in your market.
Competitor Analysis can take a bit of time, and it is usually something that is pushed down the list of things to get done. Depending on your market, this should be done quarterly, and we will be happy to undertake this task for you, so you can spend time doing something else!

Marketing Admin

In-putting data collected from an event or updating subscriber lists is a laborious task... luckily, we love it! So, get in touch if you need a bit of help keeping up with the admin side, Virtually All There will be happy to offer this kind of marketing support.

marketing support

It doesn't matter what your budget is...

Marketing doesn't HAVE to be expensive, and by saving on the cost of employing someone in-house, you may just have a little more to spend on external marketing support and marketing initiatives. We will be happy to have a sit down and chat with you about your goals and how we can achieve these within your budget.

Working with a virtual marketing assistant really is the most cost effective way of marketing your business. And you know you only ever pay for time spend actually working on your business. We offer all levels of marketing support so get in touch, whatever your budget.

Next Steps...

Get in touch if you think we may be able to help. Even if something isn't listed in our services, we are always up for a challenge so drop us a line...