About Us

Our Vision

Virtually All There is an Oxford marketing consultant working with SME’s to drive their marketing forward, in a more strategic way. The vision of Virtually All There is to ensure that small and medium sized businesses have the same marketing opportunities without having to spend money on a marketing department they don’t need

The importance of marketing is sometimes overlooked because it is considered expensive and time consuming. That is where we can help. Pass on the burden of marketing your business. I will ensure it is done effectively, delivering results and kept within budgets.

We believe in getting to the bones of a business to find out what makes it tick. This enables us to implement a marketing approach to match the ethos of the company and their brand.

Our Story

Marketing is in my blood. My Dad was a marketeer, among other things, and I can’t remember ever wanting to do anything else

After graduating in Marketing from the University of Leeds, I started my quest to work in the marketing industry. This was now many years ago!

I have been in marketing for over 10 years working in roles that have been fast paced and challenging, but also a little repetitive.

What I really love is the ability to work on different projects, with different clients. And so, the Oxford marketing consultancy business ‘Virtually All There’ was born. Working with different clients, virtually, couldn’t be more perfect. I am part of lots of different teams, and I get to work on really exciting projects with really great people… I would love for you to be one of them so why not consider if you could benefit from a marketing consultant?

If you are looking for an Oxford marketing consultant, get in touch, we would love to chat.