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Why use a virtual marketing assistant?

Wondering where to start with marketing your business is an all too familiar issue for many people and hiring a full-time marketing department is out of the question for most small and medium sized businesses. But that doesn't mean you can't benefit from the knowledge and expertise of a virtual marketing assistant .
With over 10 years’ experience working in marketing, and the last 5 years, heading up the marketing department of a start-up company which has now become a global business, I understand the marketing challenges faced by small and medium sized companies in today's ever changing and fast paced society.
Virtually All There believes that small and medium sized businesses can be just as innovative with their marketing, and we thrive in helping them achieve this, by either taking the hassle away from them or working with them to ensure the business is reaching it's full potential through a strategic marketing approach.

So, what exactly does a virtual marketing assistant do? We enable you to pass the burden of marketing your business, so you can focus on the running of your business. You never pay for time not spent working, holiday or sickness and you do not have the worry of employing a member of staff, we work virtually, as a contractor, for you.

Virtual marketing assistant in Oxfordshire